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Inspection by the Postal Service does not relieve the manufacturer of the responsibility to provide performance that conforms to the requirements set forth in this specification.In addition, the USPS may, in its discretion, order that production of the mailbox model cease immediately, and that any existing inventory not be sold for use as curbside mailboxes in the United States of America.Corrosion is defined as any form of property change such as rust, oxidation, color changes, perforation, accelerated erosion, or disintegration.

Drawings must also include details on design of applicable features such as the carrier service door, latch, handle, flag, floor, and slot.After remaining in the -65 environment for the 24-hour period, the unit shall be quickly removed from the cold chamber into room ambient and tested for normal operation.

US Mail Supply offers a wide variety of USPS-approved mailboxes for homes and businesses.Out-going mail of all designs must be able to be pulled straight out of the mailbox without interference from protrusions, hardware, etc.Locking Post Mount Mailboxes. Fully USPS approved, the Oasis mailbox is. This wall-mounted locking mailbox has a generous mail slot.

Normal operation is defined as operation required and defined by this document.

At both load positions 3 and 4, with the mailbox lying on its side (flag side down) with the door(s) closed, apply an impact load equivalent to a 10-pound weight dropped from a height of 3-feet above the mailbox surface onto a bolster plate having a surface not larger than 2 inches by 2 inches.The self-lowering feature cannot present protrusions or attachments and must not interfere with delivery operations in any manner or present hazardous features as specified in 3.2.Find Mail Centers, Cluster Mailboxes, Apartment Mailboxes and USPS Cluster Mail Boxes when you shop online at

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In addition to drawings, proposed accessories shall show or describe intended function.The drawings must completely document and represent the design of the unit tested.Rural Mailboxes; Drop Boxes; Lock. Large Parcel Drop Box Rear Access. Click on an image below to zoom. Large Parcel Drop Box Rear Access. This box is not USPS.When in a fully opened and rest position, the opening angle of the door cannot measure more than 180 degrees.

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The USPS may request manufacturer to submit one sample of the proposed model.If visible cracks, in the material, have developed as a result of the testing, the mailbox under test has failed to meet the structural rigidity requirement.

Accept for small decorative accents, mirror-like coatings or finishes are prohibited.If a slot has a protective flap it must operate inward to ensure mail can be inserted in horizontal manner without requiring any additional effort of carriers (see Figure 3).See section 3.2.3 for carrier service door requirements for Locked mailbox designs.What is the United States Postal Service Standard,. Older locking style mailboxes offer some. All STD-4C designs are required to have an outgoing mail slot. 4.I can replace your mailbox lock fast. I will not leave a mess either. Nobody does this cheaper. Unlock/Rekey a Mailbox. I can open your mailbox and replace the lock.

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Shop for post office box door on Etsy,. Post Office Door Bank No 49 - Salvaged Oak - 1896 Dial and Point Door by Eagle Lock Co.The build-up of salt deposits upon the surface shall not be cause for rejection.

Buying and installing the right mailbox for your home or business is easy with US Mail Supply.See Appendix A for a list of USPS approved independent test labs.

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The rear door must meet the applicable testing requirements specified in 3.15.The receptacle must not extend beyond the front of the box when the door is closed.The carrier signal flag can be any color except any shade of green, brown, white, yellow or blue.USPS mailboxes are designed to specific standards. If you find your USPS mailbox broken you should follow some guidelines when fixing it. To deliver your mail.

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Sears carries wall mount mailboxes to hold all your mail. Choose from a wide variety of mail slots in designs and colors that fit any homeâ s style.

Buy Replacement Locks factory direct from Salsbury Industries offers replacement locks and key blanks for commercial mail boxes.Buying a new mailbox might seem easy, however there are regulations enforced by the United States Postal Service regarding mailbox specifications.Steel Satin Nickel Mail Slot Gibraltar Mailboxes is designed to withstand the harsh. loc_, sid _202983859, prod. Bronze Recessed-Mounted USPS Access Vertical.Our products range from locking to non-locking mailboxes and vary in. (similar to Post Office drop. and does not come with an outgoing mail slot and.